Dragon Con 2020 - Performers Application Form

We appreciate your interest in performing at Dragon Con. This form is for 2020 performance opportunities only. Completion of this form does not guarantee a performance slot for the event. All Performance Acts will be reviewed and you will be notified as to your status for 2020.

Application Deadline: April 16, 2020. No performer forms will be accepted after this date for the 2020 convention. We encourage you to apply early, because as we get closer to the show there will be fewer performance slots available.

Notes: (please read)

Performance Act Information

Group or Performer Name  (If selected to perform at Dragon Con this is the name that will appear on the website, in the program book, on flyers, and other forms of advertisement/promotion.
     Note: Names on our site are sorted by the last name field. A group name like "John Smith Juggling Team" would use only the last name field and a comedian named "John Smith" would use both the first and last name fields.)

Applying for:
(See our Performer Category Information for an explanation of each category.)

Main Contact Information:

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Performance Act Information

Number performing members in act: (See our Performer Category Information for an explanation what is considered a performing member for each category.)

City from which your act hails:

Past Dragon Con Performer:     Last Year Performed:

Internet Presence: (Fill in any of the below items apply with the full website address. exp: "http://www.dragoncon.com/", or "http://www.myspace.com/band". This is just to help us research your act, so don't worry if all you have is a myspace page.)

Electronic Press Kit
Other Social Network:
Other Video Site:
Other Website:
Brief Act Description:
(Short 50 word or less description of the act. Focus on most current or notable information about the act.)
(Please supply us with an updated bio of your band or act. If you are chosen to perform at Dragon Con this bio will be placed on our website and in our program book to help promote your appearance.)


In order to prevent conflicts in scheduling, we would like to know when the act can attend the convention. We understand that the act may have other commitments that prevent it from participating in the whole convention.

   August/September 2020
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
30 31  1  2  3  4  5 
 6  7  8  9 10 11 12 
Show dates in red
* The starting and ending
  dates of the convention.

Would your act be willing to participate in media coverage?
(We have number of opportunities that offer exposure to Print, TV, and Radio outlets.)

Other Information

Merchandise Table:
(Does your Act need a merchandise table? The merchandise table on the Performers Concourse gives each performing act the opportunity to sell their acts related merchandise (and only their acts related merchandise) throughout the duration of Dragon Con.)

Tech Needs and Reference: (List your tech needs and if applicable, list name and contact information of two or more venues that we can contact about your act.)

Additional Information: (Information not listed above that may help the selection committee.)

Additional Needs: (Any needs not listed above that are required by the performing act to appear at Dragon Con. Items listed here will be considered as requirements, and will affect the selection process.)

Double check your application before you save it. Once you save this application, an email will be sent to you from dc_performer_application at dragoncon.org, confirming the application was received.

Notes: (please remember)

  • This application is for Performance acts which include but are not limited to bands, DJ’s, magicians, burlesque, theater, comedy, etc.
  • Only one act per application.

Application Code: Write down the below confirmation code and type it in the field below.
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