We appreciate your interest in participating in the Dragon Con Art Show. Please complete this form in order to be considered for purchasing space in the 2024 show. Completion of this form does not guarantee space. All applications will be reviewed and juried and you will be notified as to your status for 2024 as soon as possible.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2024. No Art Show applications will be accepted after this date for the 2024 convention.

IMPORTANT NOTES: (please read)

Artist Information

  Legal Name:
  Artist Name: (If different from above legal name.)
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(A single location site where fans can learn more about you.)
(A single location of examples of your work for review. Failure to provide
this information will disqualify your application.)
  Booth/Tables: $600.00 (Includes 2 badges)
Table space: $350.00 (includes 1 badge)
You may bring your own propanels for either your booth or table space. Or you may purchase
Gridwall w/electric: $ (only available with booth space)
Electric (only): $65.00
Additional Memberships: $110.00
  Art Type:               
List awards or other information you would like us to consider.
  Agent Name: If you have an agent, then please add their information below.

By submitting an application you agree to the 2024 Dragon Con Art Show rules and regulations.

Double check your application before you submit it. Once you submit this application, an email will be sent to you from dc_artshow [at] dragoncon [dot] org, confirming the application was received.

If you have problems with the application please contact dc_artshow [at] dragoncon [dot] org.

No AI artwork of any kind will be allowed to be sold or distributed in the Dragon Con Art Show, Comic and Pop Artist Alley, or Vendor Halls. Failure to comply with our AI Policy can lead to immediate removal from show floor.

Notes: (please remember)

  • This application is for artist only. Retailers are not permitted to purchase space in the art show.
  • Only one artist per application. Each person in a partnership should apply individually and use the Additional Information field to note the partnership.
  • Once you apply it can take up to 45 days from the close of the application process to receive a response to your initial application. You will be notified of your status via email.
  • Applications that are not accepted are placed on a wait list and contacted immediately if space becomes available.
  • If your application is accepted you have 7 calendar days to contact the Dragon Con office and pay for the space.
  • If we don't receive payment or the signed agreement within 7 calendar days we will release the space to the next artist on the list.

Application Code: Write down the below confirmation code and type it in the field below.
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