Dragon Con 2021 - Guest Application Form

We appreciate your interest in attending Dragon Con as a featured Guest. Please complete this form in order to be issued a VIP Pre-Registration badge, eligible for programming, and/or Walk of Fame/Comic Artist Sketch Tables. This form is an application for Guest status for the 2021 show only. Completion of this form does not guarantee Guest status for the event. All Guest forms will be reviewed and you will be notified as to your status for 2021. Due to space constraints, all guests requesting space on the Walk of Fame, and the Comic and Pop Artist Alley will be juried and notified as soon as possible. NO guarantees are made in regard to space on the Walk of Fame, or Comic and Pop Artist Alley.

Application Deadline: June 15, 2021. No Guest forms will be accepted after this date for the 2021 convention. We encourage you to apply early, because as we get closer to the show there will be fewer guest slots available.

IMPORTANT NOTES: (please read)

Guest Information

Legal Name  (Valid form of ID may be required.)
Professional Stage Name/Pseudonym  (This is the name that will appear on the website and in ads for Dragon Con.
     Note: Names are sorted on our site by last name, so if you have a single pseudonym, such as Madonna,
     place your name in the Last Name field.)
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If you have been a past Guest, please select your name from the drop-down list.
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Short 50 Word Bio written in 3rd person. (Note: The Short Bio should be a condensed version of your Long Bio and contain the most relevant information about your professional career.):
Long Bio (A current biography written in 3rd person for our Progress Reports, Program Book, and Website. No Applications will be accepted without a bio. The Bio should focus on your professional career.):

Agent Information:

You only need to fill out the agent information if you want us to use the agent as a point of contact for this guest.
Check here if you would rather us contact your agent directly:
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“Guest of” Information

Limit one accompanying membership per Guest. Accompanying memberships do not apply to Attending Professionals. Attending Professionals are allowed to request an exception via email upon confirmation of AP status. Confirmed Guests are allowed to purchase additional memberships for immediate family members only at the discounted rate of $100 from our office by calling 404-669-0773 (M-F 9am-5pm EST). Children of confirmed guests are free; please include their names.

  First Last  
Name of Guest:  
Name of Child: Age:
Name of Child: Age:

Travel Information

In order to prevent conflicts in scheduling of programming events, we must know when you plan to attend the convention.

   August/September 2021
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 
29 30 31  1  2  3  4  
 5  6  7  8  9 10 11 
Show dates in red
* The starting and ending
  dates of the convention.

Check if you will be available for scheduling during all days indicated above.
Provide a short explanation why you would not be available for scheduling:

Acceptance of your application is dependent on your requirements in the Table Requests and Other Information sections. Please read and fill out the information carefully.

Table Requests

Due to space constraints, all guests requesting space on the Walk of Fame and the Comic Artist Alley will be juried and notified as soon as possible. There are a limited number of tables available and Dragon Con cannot guarantee you will receive any table requested. If you are issued a table, you will be notified prior to the convention. In order to provide attending members with the most benefit, you must use any space provided for the specifically requested purpose.

Comic Artist Table: These tables are for approved Comic and Pop Artists only. Other artists need to see the Art Show for space. Electricity for approved artists in Comic and Pop Artist Alley is available for a fee, to be arranged in advance of the show.
Prefer to share with:

Walk of Fame: These tables are for approved Film & TV Media Guests only. Electricity is not available to these tables. Please note: table space can be approved in full or ½ table increments.
Prefer to share with:

Other Information

Additional Information: (Information not listed that may help the Guest Committee, such as a professional partner that is also applying, and you wish the applications to be considered together.)

Guests I prefer not to participate with: (Confidential)

Requirements: (Any needs not listed above that you require to be a guest of Dragon Con, such as Airfare, Hotel, Per Diem, Dealer Table, Disability Services, etc. Items listed here will be considered as requirements, and will affect the acceptance of your application. If one or more of your listed requirements are negotiable, please mark as such. [example: 1 coach class airfare, $50/day Per Diem, and Hotel room])

Note: Dragon Con has a complete Disability Services department. Should you need anything in this area, please let us know and we will forward the information to our Disability Services director.

Please check all that apply to your professional body of work. DO NOT check areas where you have no professional credits.


Double check your application before you save it. Once you save this application, an email will be sent to you from dc_online_application at dragoncon.org, confirming the application was received.

If you have problems with the application please contact dc_online_application at dragoncon.org.

Notes: (please remember)

  • This application is for professionals in their field, such as artist, actor, writer, director, costume designer, astronaut, game designer, etc.
  • Only one person per application. Each person in a partnership should apply individually and use the Additional Information field to note the partnership.
  • This application is not for Bands, or live performance acts. They should use the Band/Performer Submission Guidelines.
  • This application is not for hobbyists, or fans despite how popular they are at the convention or on their web blog.

Application Code: Write down the below confirmation code and type it in the field below.
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